Workshop on (Trans)National Business Registration

On the edge of the final Egoprise Conference the Egoprise consortium carried out a special workshop dealing with the topic of transnational business registration. The workshop took place on 15 November 2012 in Berlin (Germany). Key stakeholders from ministries, public authorities on regional and local level and several business organizations from Belarus, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, and Sweden participated. The workshop was supported by the Potsdam eGovernment Competences Center (IfG.CC); Prof. Dr. Tino Schuppan, scientific director of IfG.CC, moderated the meeting. 

The egoprise project has been exploring ways to bring down administrative barriers for new and upcoming SMEs. One of the focus points has been business registration processes in the partner countries. During a detailed business process analysis turned out that enterprises have to deal with a lot of different procedures in Baltic Sea Region. This makes it harder especially for foreigners to register their businesses in other EU countries. 

To stimulate the discussion about the optimization of the business registration process the egoprise consortium developed a transnational action plan. During the preliminary stages of the workshop firstly a model of an ideal cross-border business registration process was drafted. The procedure describes a future scenario, not the one that was realized within the egoprise project. This outlined ideal procedure was used as a target state. In a second step experts in the project countries evaluated which conditions need to be changed or adapted in each country and in the co-operation between the countries to reach this target state. Finally step by step recommendations for necessary changes/adaptation of legal frames and regulations to facilitate a cross-border business registration process were stated. 

During the Business Registration Workshop in Berlin participants discussed the approaches to solution and specified the recommendations. Three main points were identified to boost transnational business registration within the EU: Firstly the mutual acceptance of eIDs, secondly the electronic exchange of data between authorities at least within a country, but in the best case between countries. And finally the requirements of the customers more specifically the enterprises or citizens interested in founding businesses in other countries need to taken in account.  

The action plan on (trans)national business registration will be disseminated to relevant government offices in the Baltic Sea Region and the EU.

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