Transnational Aspects of End-user Oriented E-services in the Baltic Sea Region

The egoprise handbook can be considered as the final output of the project. It covers the results of the analytical and implementation parts of the project. Best local and national practices and challenges are demonstrated likewise as transnational aspects in project implementation, completed with experiences from other European projects in the same field of interest.

The final handbook appeared with the title "Transnational Aspects of End-user Oriented E-services in the Baltic Sea Region" (Berliner Wissenschaftsverlag (BWV), ISBN 978-3830531524) and is available in book shops.

Within Egoprise one hundred hard copies of the handbook were produced for dissemination purposes. The project partners act as embassador and forward the book to relevant target groups in Belarus, Denmark, Estonia, Germany, Lithuania, Latvia and Sweden- e.g. to representatives of regional and central public authorities, governmental agencies but also universities.


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