On the spot Workshops- Process modelling in close dialogue with regional representatives

On 3rd of May Estonian partner Vitali Sergejev, representing Egoprise Partner Narva Business Advisory Service Foundation, and Friedrike Thessel came together with representatives of Narva Municipaility to discuss identification of workflow processes and the opportunity for virtual platform developemnt in Narva. The needs and possebilities to improve the process of applying a building permit and to register a business, selected as services to be further investigated, were discussed. Representatives from public administration gave deep insights into recent situation and use of IT and egovernment services. Participants showed a great interest for improvements which will be elaborated  within Egoprise.


In Riga a modeling workshop were organised by Latvian partners Foundation "Riga Business University", Latvian Chamber of Commerce, Latvian Association of Local and Regional Governments on 23rd and 24 th of May. Project representatives got an detailed overview on business registration procedure first. Latvian might be among countries with fastest registration. However, according to Adviser of the Latvian Association of Local and Regional Governments Guntars Krasovskis, there is still a need for more user-friendliness and omission of paperwork (e.g. with regard to warranties of statutory capital). Therefore a close dialogue among partners, the Register of Entreprises and banking sector is highly appreciated.

If it comes to employment processes of foreign labour it has been underlined that clearer process descriptions regarding foreign recruitment on the one hand and a electronic database on secondary employment issues are needed on the other hand .

State Regional Development Agency responsible for website latvija.lv intends to become prime source of information offered by state and municipal institutions. This implies that Latvian municipalities more refer to electronic platform when offering services. However, first it is neccessary to raise awareness and interest of municipalities to accompany the process. From the users perspective there is a need for multilingual information provided on website to also achieve non- Latvian speakers and to keep structure and content given as simple as possible.


In Finland process modelling and workflow analyses bases on several negociations with representatives with cities of Seinäjoki and Kauhava. However, where to implement egovernment solutions develeoped within project has not been finally decided.


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