PUBLISHED: Facilitating the employment process of foreign labour - Action Plans

Egoprise project has now published the document “Facilitating the employment process of foreign labour: Action Plans” which includes the Action Plans for four project countries: Finland, Germany, Estonia and Latvia. The development work of this document consisted of four working steps: 


  1. drafting of a description of the ideal process for the employment process of foreign labour
  2. descriptions of the current processes in each country and preliminary understanding of the challenges in comparison to the ideal process
  3. conducting research concentrating on the laws and regulations that prevent the implementation of an ideal process such as described in the document
  4. drafting of recommendations based on the research in step 3

It is hoped that this document will present a new way of looking at authority processes when it comes to employing foreign labour – instead of looking at different parts in the process, the ideal process drafted in this document concentrates on the entire process, from the moment a foreigner applies for necessary entry permits until all necessary authority visits have been completed, including applying coverage for social insurance. The role that information systems could play in the work of facilitating the cooperation between authorities involved in the process has been acknowledged but not yet put to work. The national action plans aim to push this development one step further.


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