Meeting with authorities regarding the development of an optimal process for the employment process of foreign labour was held in Seinäjoki the 24th of April, 2012

Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences organized a second meeting with authorities in Seinäjoki on the 24th of April in the premises of the Local Register Office in Seinäjoki.

The participants included representatives from the Police, Local Register Office, and the National Population Register. The primary aim of the meeting was to discuss the development of an optimal process for the recruitment of foreign labour that would concentrate on the use of information technology as a facilitating factor. A preliminary optimal process that had been created in the Egoprise-project was used as an optimal process model for the purpose of comparison. The representatives commented on the requirements of such an optimal process from their point of views. The representative of the National Population Register introduced the possibilities offered by the Finnish National Population Register in the development of such an optimal process. As a result to the meeting, possibilities for development were noted down.


Part-financed by the European Union (European Regional Development Fund and European Neighbourhood and Partnership Instrument)