Estonia: Successfull presentations of Interactive Roadmap for Employment of Foreign Labour

New e-service developed by Institute of Baltic studies gains wide approval and broad support

On 27.06.2012 the Estonian Partner Institute of Baltic Studies (IBS) introduced the interactive roadmap on employment of foreign labour during a meeting with Estonian Police and Border Guard (PPA) to officials. The interactive roadmap simplifies the recruitment of foreign labour for Estonian SME-s by providing clear and simple visual guide of this process. The interactive roadmap is based on different laws, regulations, requirements etc. which regulate the foreign labour employment. However, the big advantage of this system is the possibility for the employers to easily visualise information, which allows them to dynamically go through the process. The feedback on the roadmap got by participants of the meeting  was very good. Most important outcome to be mentioned is a general agreement declaring PPAs interest to further update the system. 

In the next months the Institute further promotes the e-service: On 18.09.2012 IBS got the opportunity to present the new e-service during the Estonian Research Council (ETAG) seminar  to their network of experts who are working with the foreign labour issues. The meeting was very fruitful. On that occasion a partnership was established for the future cooperation. On 05.10.2012 the Estonian third biggest party's (Social Democrats) delegation visited the Insitute, where the roadmap was presented.

Beginning of December the information about the roadmap was provided to the members of a migration related project seminar in Global Utmaning (Global Challenge), a independent Swedish think tank. Finally, the road map and the action plan on facilitating the employment facilitating the migration expert of the Estonian Development Fund on 20.12.2012.

After four month of intensive promotion, Rene Tönnisson and Kristjan Kaldur, representing the Insititute of Baltic Studies and involved as partner in Egoprise, draw a positive conclusion: "We can be more than satisfied with the presentation of the roadmap and the feedback we received on it."


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