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Improved building permit process in the Municipality of Syddjurs (Denmark)

In 2010, the Municipality of Syddjurs started an innovation process with the aim of reducing administrative costs among other things by optimizing administrative processes and the communication channels with the citizens. One of the means for reaching this goal has been to examine the services rendered by the municipality in its citizen’s service department to companies and citizens. Included in the examination was a feasibility study of increased digitalization of the processes. The aim was to go from a situation where 4 % of the services were undertaken via self-service by companies and citizens to 30 % by the end of 2012, and finally, to 50-80 % in 2015.

The egoprise project started in 2009, and in 2010, Syddjurs decided, within the scope of the egoprise project, to look at ways to improve the building permit and pension application processes and to combine the implementation and the end user promotion of the new ways with the initiatives planned for the overall companies and citizen’s service. Before the egoprise process modelling, the case processing time for building permits was very long, up till 66 days, which caused some controversy with local building companies and citizens. Thanks to the egoprise project the process time could now be reduced down to average 9 days.

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