Public awareness Seminar Tallin 12.04.2012 combined with training sessions

Developing e-government solutions for enterprises: A workshop for introducing the results of the project EGOPRISE

At 12 April 2012 a workshop “Developing e-government solutions for enterprises” for introducing the results of the egoprise project was held in Tallinn.

The Centre for Business Research and Development of Tallinn University of Technology, Institute of Baltic Studies and Narva BAS Foundation have studied the e-government services for enterprises, expectations and opinions of the enterprises and possibilities for the improvements in the future. Now they have shared the results with the wider public incl. state and local institutions that are responsible for the development of e-services. Also guests from Denmark and Finland  have been invited to share the experiences in the round-table to discuss about developments on municipality level.

Results:  The seminar was conducted very successfully  –  the attending participants covered a wide spectrum of different stakeholders and government institutions, the discussion was fruitful and the organisers received good feedback on all the issues covering relevant EGOPRISE activities (survey results and possible improvements of Estonian e-government related to these results, e-services developed by the EGOPRISE partners etc).

A memo of the meeting including presentations, list of participants and press releases can be downloaded here!


Part-financed by the European Union (European Regional Development Fund and European Neighbourhood and Partnership Instrument)