PUBLISHED: Guideline for Reorganising Processes in Public Administrations towards more business-oriented eGovernment in BSR countries

The egoprise project aims at the optimization of process chains between public administrations and SMEs. One important part of the project deals with the identification and modelling of process chains between business and government and the identification of potentials for the optimization of these process chains. The egoprise partnership is proud to finally present the final report which is the result of an intensive more than 1,5 years lasting work of 22 partners from 8 countries. The guidelines were elobarated with the externals support of - The Postdam eGovernment Competence Center

The report contains the summary of the results of the process modelling phase of the project. 
 • A description of the project approach
• A short step-by-step description of the different results of the working phases,
• Short process profiles, process models and process description for analysed processes in Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, and Latvia, and
• For each project country concrete recommendations for optimization of analysed processes.   

Here you can find more information and the final document for download! 


Part-financed by the European Union (European Regional Development Fund and European Neighbourhood and Partnership Instrument)