Estonia: Further dissemination of roadmap for employment of foreign labour
IBS wins Estonian Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications for new e-service
Estonia: Successfull presentations of Interactive Roadmap for Employment of Foreign Labour
New e-service developed by Institute of Baltic studies gains wide approval and broad support
Belarusian delegation meets e-government association Mecklenburg-Vorpommern
German specialists give an insight into current projects
Invest in Narva
Updated online portal for entrepreneurs and businesses
Finnish Action Plan in facilitating the employment process of foreign labour
Finnish Action Plan in facilitating the employment process of foreign labour has been disseminated to relevant government offices in Finland on the 27th of November, 2012
Workshop on (Trans)National Business Registration in Berlin/Germany (15 November 2012)
Key stakeholders from ministries, public authorities on regional and local level and several business organizations from Belarus, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, and Sweden participated
Final Egoprise Conference took place from 13- 14th November 2012 in Berlin, Germany
Review of 3 years project implementation and presentation of final results
Latvia: National dissemination event at Turiba School of economics well attended
Register of entreprises and egoprise partners present improvements in business registration process
ANNOUNCEMENT: National Conference on e-services for businesses on7th November 2012 in Riga
Latvian egoprise partners and Register of Entreprises Latvia invite for joint event
Egoprise project dissemination in Denmark
Information meeting at the Frigate of Jutland, Syddjurs, Denmark
Narva entrepreneurs will be informed and trained on possibilities of e-government
Training seminar on e-Government services for businesses during “National Entrepreneurship Week” in Narva on 5th October 2012
Narva portal www.investinnarva.ee will be updated to a digital greenhouse
Modernization of the Narva City Government business site www.investinnarva.ee begins within the Egoprise project which aims to improve e-government services for SMEs provided by public and local authorities of EU countries.
Wismar Business Informatics Days 2012 (31.05.2012)
Integrated egoprise workshop: egovernment and regional development
Get inspiration for involving end users in the development of new e-government solutions
Improved building permit process in the Municipality of Syddjurs (Denmark)
Meeting with authorities regarding the development of an optimal process for the employment process of foreign labour was held in Seinäjoki the 24th of April, 2012
Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences organized a second meeting with authorities in Seinäjoki on the 24th of April in the premises of the Local Register Office in Seinäjoki.
Public awareness Seminar Tallin 12.04.2012 combined with training sessions
Developing e-government solutions for enterprises: A workshop for introducing the results of the project EGOPRISE
PUBLISHED: Guideline for Reorganising Processes in Public Administrations towards more business-oriented eGovernment in BSR countries
The egoprise project aims at the optimization of process chains between public administrations and SMEs. One important part of the project deals with the identification and modelling of process chains between business and government and the identification of potentials for the optimization of these process chains. The egoprise partnership is proud to finally present the final report which is the result of an intensive more than 1,5 years lasting work of 22 partners from 8 countries. The guidelines were elobarated with the externals support of ifg.cc - The Postdam eGovernment Competence Center
Meeting with local authorities regarding the employment process foreign labour in Finland was held in Seinäjoki on the 27th of March, 2012
Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences organized a meeting with local authorities in Seinäjoki on the 27th of March in the premises of Seinäjoki Local Register Office in order to discuss the current employment process of foreign labour and the roles of different authorities therein.
Study course e-government in Belarus - Update
As already announced, egoprise has inspired the Belarusian partner in creating a new study course. They have meanwhile worked out a MA programme in E-government. The course shall broaden the outlook on current world policy trends and is also likely to become an impetus for new reforms and improvements in getting administrative burdens and information obligations less burdensome for our entrepreneurs. Please find the draft programme of MA in E-government attached. The postgraduate course is to be launched at the Academy in the near future. Therefore, the Belarusian partner asks for further suggestions concerning the structure and content of the programme. Please feel free to contact Prof. Ihar Hancharonak (Email: interbiz@pacademy.edu.by; Phone: +375 17 2228362) in case you have further ideas. Additionally, they would very much appreciate if any of the egoprise partners and associates wish to participate in the course as guest lecturers. They would therefore gladly consider the possibility and help out with developing or adjusting syllabi on any of the topics mentioned on the list or related to the programme area.
EGOPRISE at the Association of Estonian Cities' conference
The annual conference of Estonian local governments took place in 15. – 16. February in Tallinn, Estonia. The conference (Linnade ja Valdade Päevad) is the biggest yearly event for the Estonian municipalities (cities and rural municipalities), consisting of workshops on different topics and areas and gathering together hundreds of participants – representatives of local municipalities, experts as well as high-level politicians. EGOPRISE project results were presented in the workshop on e-governance and e-services by Ms Merli Reidolf from the Tallinn Technical University and by Mr Kristjan Kaldur from the Institute of Baltic Studies. The presentation, introducing the results from the in-depth interviews and survey conducted among entrepreneurs of their expectations for the e-services, caught high attention and produced lively discussion. The participants of the workshop showed high interest in this topic and asked the presenters to publish and disseminate more data about the outcomes of the project for the wider public. The attendants of the workshop were also invited to participate in the upcoming seminar in April 2012.
egoprise project presented at DiKOM Nord 2012
Among a total of 60 exhibitors on the DiKOM Nord 2012 in Hannover, the egovernment association Mecklenburg-Vorpommern presented the results from the project egoprise to the audience. From 7 to 8 February 2012, municipal visitors were informed about products, solutions and services for IT-professionals and other entities of public law, both by many thematic presentations but also at the stands of the exhibitors. Besides the information about the outputs achieved so far, e.g. the recommendations from the extensive researches on information obligations, the egovernment association Mecklenburg-Vorpommern also presented the ideas and concepts for the implementation phase on its stand I 04. Experiences were exchanged with representatives from public administrations. For example, new ideas for the integration of services into a Digital Greenhouse were also exchanged. The results from the discussions will be considered in the further development.
Announcement: Presentation of project results on DiKOM Nord 2012 in Hannover
The DiKOM Expo is the leading trade fair for the digital community and other public bodies. The portfolio of the exhibition covers all aspects of information technology, such as infrastructure, solutions for local government and advice. It is aimed both at decision makers but also IT-experts from public administrations - a perfect audience for presenting the results of the egoprise project. Therefore, the egovernment association Mecklenburg-Vorpommern presents itself and the project results achieved so far on the trade fair for digital communities taking place from 7 to 8 February 2012 in Hannover. We are looking forward to seeing you at our stand I 04.
2nd Training Event for users of business premises register City of Kauhava
In connection to the new eGovernment service - business premises register - developed within egoprise the Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences has carried out a 2nd training event on 02.12.2011 for the end-users of the new e-service of the City of Kauhava
Announcement: Next Focus Group Meeting Hornslet (DK) 08.12.2011
CV 2 invites end-users and public authorities for the next focus group meeting. The workshop is designed as combined seminar on digital greenhouses / business service portals and its interoperability with www.virk.dk. Head of virk.dk Carsten Loesch will make a presentation at the seminar and take part in the discussions.
Announcement: egoprise Training Course in Finland
Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences invites for a training course on business premises register!
Public Awareness Raising Meeting in Slantsy 27.10.2011
Narva Business Advisory Service has carried out a public awareness raising seminar on egovernment in Slantsy, Russia at 27.10.2011 in cooperation with egoprise associated partner eGovernment Centre at St. Petersburg University.
Training Event in Finland for Business Premises Register
In connection to the new eGovernment service - business premises register - developed within egoprise the Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences has carried out a training event on 14.10.2011 for the public authorities of the City of Kauhava
Announcement: Training course for the new business premises register in the City of Kauhava at 14.10.2011
Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences invites for a training course on business premises register!
Announcement New Study Course on eGovernment in Belarus!
Please support our partner from Belarus!
Working Group meeting carried out in Berlin on 1st of April 2011
Important steps forward towards the selection of processes to be further investigated

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