E-government as a tool to improve the quality of services provided by public authorities for small and medium-sized enterprises in rural areas of the Baltic Sea region. E-government can do more!


Estonia: Further dissemination of roadmap for employment of foreign labour
IBS wins Estonian Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications for new e-service
Estonia: Successfull presentations of Interactive Roadmap for Employment of Foreign Labour
New e-service developed by Institute of Baltic studies gains wide approval and broad support


  • EGOPRISE uses e-government to make public administrations more customer-focused.
  • Rural businesses have improved access to the labour market throughout the Baltic Sea region.
  • SMEs boost their innovative capacity by networking with research establishments.
  • EGOPRISE supports the integration of small and medium-sized enterprises in public networks and company clusters.
  • E-government helps companies save time and money.


  • EGOPRISE makes public administrations more efficient.
  • Readily accessible public administrations promote business enterprise in the countryside.
  • Customer-oriented e-government can strengthen a region’s economic performance.

Public Administrations

  • EGOPRISE helps public administrations to develop customer-friendly processes.
  • E-government optimises the work of public administrations and helps them save time and money.

Part-financed by the European Union (European Regional Development Fund and European Neighbourhood and Partnership Instrument)