Virtual Service Center for Foreign Labour Seinäjoki

The portal welcometoseinajokiregion promotes Seinäjoki Region as an attractive place to work, live and invest in. It is part of the so called Komia marketing initiative - a joint marketing campaign carried out by Finnish municipalities Seinäjoki, Alavus, Ilmajoki, Jalasjärvi, Kauhava, Kuortane, Kurikka and Lapua, public communities and the business world.  The portal has been created within egoprise project and in coordination with Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences. It is addressed to foreigners and immigrants regarding social integration, employment and business (in English) and small and medium sized enterprises in Seinäjoki Region regarding the employment of foreign labour (in Finnish). In other words- the portal is both- digital greenhouse and virtual service center for foreign labour.

As such it provides valuable information and advice for foreigners, immigrants and enterprises.  Among others the portal contains an interactive road map for the employment process of foreign labour. Users get here step by step guidance for the recruitment process, in particular links to relevant authorities’ webpages and forms will be provided.  This tool has been created in cooperation with Estonian partner International Institute of Baltic Studies. Recently the service is offered in three languages (English, Finnish and Swedish). A similar tool is under development in Estonia, too.

One further facility provided is the Immigrants' Guide to Seinäjoki region which compiles useful information for foreigners concerning settling down in the Seinäjoki region and starting employment.

To further promote the portal in the region an information flyer has been developed shortling introducing target groups to its content.

To take a look at the portal and to visit the virtual service center for employment of foreign workers, please click