Digital welcome Packages for foreign Workers in Business Region Aarhus

The 3 Danish municipal egoprise partners, Favrskov, Syddjurs & Norddjurs have cooperated with 4 additional municipalities in the area of Greater Aarhus to develop digital welcome packages for foreign workers. The idea behind these portals was inspired by the egoprise project. The new digital welcome packages give answers to the identified needs as regards the employment of foreign workers. The job seeking procedure and the legal aspects (work permits etc.) are fully covered by the portal, but the other aspects involved in moving to another country are not. These are aspects like getting to know the Danes once you have arrived in the country, getting your kids to school, finding a place to live, finding a job for your spouse, etc.. In supplement to the official Denmark-wide web-page, the municipalities have now developed the digital "welcome packages" covering the above mentioned aspects. Also to improve the municipal services vis-a-vis foreign workforce, the front office staff of the municipalities will get courses in English, German and Polish.  With these new digital welcome packages and of course the services related to it, the Danish municipalities hope to have answered all the needs in relation to foreigners who come to work in their area. The programming and the implementation of the digital welcome packages have been financed with complementary funding to the egoprise project. The egoprises project itself finances the Danish municipal egoprise partners acting as service points for the new portals. In the near future, the partners will report some of the first experiences with the new service, which will be included in the egoprise guidelines for employing foreign workers.” Please click to the links below to enter the new digital welcome packages:

Digital welcome package for foreign workers of Municipality of Syddjurs

Digital welcome package for foreign workers of Municipality of Norddjurs

Digital welcome package for foreign workers of Municipality of Favrskov