Virtual Service Center for Employment of Foreign Workforce Mecklenburg-Vorpommern

Similar to partners in Estonia, Danmark and Latvia German partners decided to use existing structures, making them more user-friendly and more adapted to business needs.

In Germany, the Mecklenburg-Vorpommern service portal ( was thus chosen to be further developed. It is an already existing extensive database of information and links and serves as a guide to the appropriate administration, especially for those who do not know which administration is responsible for the specific demand (e.g. foreigners). It also contains required (application) forms. The enterprise’s division, however, was not yet advanced enough to the end-users needs. The egoprise project supported the German partners in implementing and improving services.

In its work German partners focused on services which are of great interest for small and medium sized companies. In this context E-procurement platform, online business registration and a virtual service point for employment of foreigners facilitating the access of SMEs to skilled labour foreign were selected. All these new/ improved services refer to egoprise and were integrated into digital greenhouse

Through the link "egoprise"on the starting page ("Links zum Thema"/"Links on the subject") visitors will be referred to sub page with general information on egoprise and link to project website. At the same time this section offers the access to SME services developed/improved within egoprise:

As such the portal integrates digital greenhouse and virtual service point for employment of foreign workforce.

The maintanance of the portal is guaranteed by the responsible Ministries. In order to keep all information updated and maintained (also after project end) the Minsitry of Interior has agreed to take over the responsible function. In this process the ministry will bring especially the issue of business services into agreement with all other ministries of the German Bundesländer (which run similar service portals). Their goal is to integrate as much issues as possible into a so-called "Leika Katalog", which is the reference /basis for all German Bundesländer for standardized descriptions and electronic services used / offered by the service portals for businesses.