Virtual Service Center for Employment of Foreign Workforce Latvia

In Latvia, the virtual service center for employment of foreign workforce was developed in form of an interactive foreign employment tool. Together with the Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs (OCMA) the Latvian partner Riga Business University created tools and material to facilitate the employment, social integration and language learning of foreigners in Latvia. 

Both outputs are placed at the official website of OCMA. On the start page the visitor gets an introduction on the services provided. At the moment this information is only available in Latvian. As far as English and Russian versions of OCMA is introduced this part will be translated as well. There is also an information placed that the tools are developed in cooperation with egoprise. 

At the bottom of the website there are links to both tools deloped within the project:

The Interactive Foreign Employment Tool provides information for EU- citizens, third-country citizens who are residents in EU and third-country who are not EU residents regarding Vacancy, Invitatation/ Labour Call, Residence, Work Permit and Residence. The service is provided in Latvian and English (The Russian version is currently in sleep mode due to terminology problems).

The brochure "Lets speak Latvian" provides basics in language learning and information on aspects of life in Latvia. The publication is also available in paper format. 

Both outputs were introduced and promoted at different dissemination and training actvities: For example, Riga Business University presented egoprise and results achieved  in the open session to general public during the World Entrepreneurship Forum in Lyon/France (25.-26.10.2012). Different press articles informed on tools developed and its location. OSMA trainings on content management system and end-user trainings followed. The latter ensures the durability of results achieved in this context.