Transnational Action Plan on facilitating the Employment Process for foreign Labour in BSR countries

Action Plan on facilitating the employment of foreign labour concentrates on the necessary changes and adoptions in legal frames and regulations needed in four project partner countries (Finland, Germany, Latvia and Estonia) to implement a future ideal process scenario developed within egoprise.

This future scenario of an ideal process concentrates on the information systems and technical interfaces as facilitating factors in the authority processes of recruiting foreign labour, such as matters regarding residence permit, issuing of identity number, and declaration of residence. The aim was to have a common frame of reference to which all countries were able compare the current developments in their countries. One further aim was to be able to present a comparative document with valuable information from altogether four countries, for purposes of learning from other countries’ solutions.

The final deliverable of these Action Plans, translated into national languages, is a recommendation package for each country. It contains the description of the ideal process, clear descriptions of the current processes, problems and challenges therein and finally, recommendations that preferably give insight to the way legislation needs to be amended in order to attain the state each country aims for. As such it will be disseminated to decision-makers.

Action plans were elaborated by project partners Saara Leppänen (Seinäjoki University of Applied sciences, Finland), Nicole Kuprat (EGovernment Association Mecklenburg-Voprpommern, Germany), Dace Amsone (Foundation "Riga Business University", Latvia) and Kristjan Kaldur (Insitute of Baltic Studies, Estonia).

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