Transnational Action Plan on Business Registration in BSR countries

The egoprise project has been exploring ways to bring down administrative barriers for new and upcoming SMEs. One of the focus points has been business registration processes in the partner countries. During a detailed business process analysis turned out that enterprises have to deal with a lot of different procedures in Baltic Sea Region. This makes it harder especially for foreigners to register their businesses in other EU countries.

This action plan contains step by step recommendations for necessary changes and adaptations of legal frames and regulations to facilitate the cross‐border business registration in Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, and Latvia. 

The present action plan was prepared step by step: Firstly a draft of an ideal cross‐border business registration process was designed. This draft was agreed with the responsible partners in the project countries. There were also considered experiences from existing good practices. So it turned out that some elements of the designed process are already working or running, others left as a future solution.

The procedure (chapter 2) describes a future scenario, not a procedure that was realized within the egoprise project. The description is illustrated by a graphical process model. This outlined ideal procedure is seen as a target state. In the second step the project partners were asked to analyse the gap between the current and the drafted target state. The responsible partners in each country checked which changes and adaptations would be necessary and are most relevant in order to implement the desired scenario. During their research the partners also considered also some on‐going discussions regarding for instance future possibilities for authentication, cooperations between different authorities, development of common technical standards or databases.

The results of this analysis are summarized in the second part of the document (country reports, chapter 3). The latter have been presented at an issue‐specific workshop in November 2012 in Berlin/Germany. During the Business Registration Workshop participants from ministries, public authorities on regional and local level and several business organizations from Belarus, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, and Sweden discussed the approaches to solution and specified the recommendations. Finally, all results were compiled and recommendations drafted which can be used to animate a discussion about transnational solutions for businesses and about cutting red tape (chapter 4).

The action plan on (trans)national business registration will be disseminated to relevant government offices in the Baltic Sea Region and the EU.

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