Interactive Road Map for Building Execution in Estonia

A road map for building execution gives a visual overview and explains in detail the whole process of the building execution based on relevant laws and regulations. The explanation of sub-processes and links to the legislation are included for better understanding the process. All questions of the road map include useful information and links to legal acts and authorities’ websites informing the entrepreneurs about the process and helping to prepare relevant information and documents before turning to some mediator (architect, project managers, municipality).

The road map is suitable to use at the municipality level and as a first step it is linked to the Narva City webpage in three languages: in Estonian, Russian and English.

Foreign languages give an additional value for foreigners who do not understand Estonian. Developing the e-service for building execution in Estonia is an ongoing process at the national level. Currently, a new legislation is under development, and is expected to be finalized at the end of 2012 or beginning of 2013. After new legal acts are adopted changes will be made to the road map and a new version will be available for the municipalities being a part of national e-government services development process.

This road map is one of the project contributions, which fulfils the Egoprise project objectives, i.e. make the building execution process more customer-focused, reduce the administrative burdens of enterprises and improve their access to the information about the process.

The road map is available at: