Online Business Registration in Latvia

Latvian partners of egoprise cooperated with the Register of Enterprises of the Republic of Latvia within the introduction of online business registration process. In June, 2011 an agreement was concluded on the cooperation for the improvement of the services provided by the Latvian Register of Enterprises regarding the introduction of business registration e-services. There were introduced two online services in connection to the business registration in Latvia. The introducing of a digital registration certificate incl. the possibility of online submitting and receipt of information into/from the RoE databases and the online temporary account verification. The technical implementation of the services was carried out by the Register of Enterprises, while the EgoPrise partners provided consultative and organisational support, taking part in the meetings of the expert board to generate ideas, to support and to coordinate the partners work to identify technical and legal requirements for the e-service, to pinpoint typical stumbling blocks for applicants and to model, structure and improve the e-business registration process.

The EgoPrise partners provided support also in the preparation of the booklet on the new e-services. Moreover, stakeholders and end-users were introduced to these services during two national conferences taking place in Riga and Liepaja end of 2012 (More info here: To further promote the services a flyer (LV) was developed and shared among participants

The cooperation of the Register of Enterprises and the EgoPrise project is described on the website of the Register of Enterprises (in Latvian) and (in English).

Both pages contain the link directly to the business registration service: (,

see service No 3 (Izziņu pieprasīšana no Uzņēmumu reģistra vestajiem reģistriem) and service No 7 (Reģistrācija Uzņēmumu reģistra vestajos reģistros). The mentioned website pages contain also the link to the booklet prepared by the project partners on the new e-services.