Improved Special Permit Processes in Latvia

Within egoprise the Latvian Association for Local and Regional Governments pilot projects were designed to determine local service business research results and  optimization of the proposal description.The municipal services for the following business activities were analyzed:

  • public events
  • Trading in public places
  • Marketing organisation in public places

The pilot projects where implemented in the municipalities Preili (10.000 inhabitants) and Ventspils (40.000 inhabitants). The partner found out that the mentioned services could be improved by introducing a single, electronic form. This would also help to save some time and costs. However, given the small amount of targeted services, they came to the conclusion that it is more cost-effective to carry out automation at the state level, by the development of common solutions. This applies to all services analysed but also to other services provided by local government for business.

Considering the results gained by analyses a new e-service has been developed which is available at the portal for governmental and municipal services (universal service). It enables local governments to digitalize services which have low demand e.g. as issuing a permits to organize public events, etc.

To generate the respective permission the following steps need to be undertaken:

  • Registering at portal
  • Selecting the local government
  • Selecting the respective e-service
  • Completing the form, if necessary, accompanied by other documents
  • If needed, using the online payment service

The issued permit is saved in the account on the portal.

Each person registering in portal will create an account, which will accumulate all correspondence with the government and local authorities. The portal will provide the person’s application and other documents in the government's document management system in xml format