Digital Purchasing Manual Favrskov


The aim of the solution is to allow all stakeholders, e.g.  suppliers, municipal purchasers and purchasing consultants also from other municipal institutions than the town hall, to access the purchasing manual of Favrskov Municipality and be informed of voluntary and compulsory agreements, partners to the agreements, and agreed prices. Besides, the solution was intended to simplify the administrative work for the purchasing department, which so far has been responsible for the updating of all information in connection with all purchasing agreements.

One of the objects of the new purchasing manual was to heighten the service level vis-à-vis our users by gathering in one place all relevant information on purchasing agreements obtained, voluntary as well as compulsory.  Likewise, the object was to ease the administrative burden of the purchasing department regarding the updating of basic data on suppliers and upload of price lists. Such improvements in regard to the purchasing manual which had been used so far called for the introduction of a number of new functionalities as well as an addition of a multi-layer user interface.

The portal is only available at internal section of the Municipality. However, to get a general overview on structure and design of the portal please click here. In case you would like to have more information on the tool, we recommend to contact Inger Bojsen Nehm, responsible partner and involved in the development of the digital purchasing manual.