Online business registration service Mecklenburg-Vorpommern

The system, which was built in Germany, facilitates processes both from the enterprises point of view but also in the administrations.

By using an application wizard, the entrepreneur may conduct the entire process online. This includes all the necessary process steps and the communication with the competent administration as well as the status prosecution. He registers once and can save his personal information for further processing. The wizard contains a variety of plausibility checks that make data entry safe and comfortable. Since the system is also available in English and Latvia language, also foreign entrepreneurs may register easily, whereas administrations still receive legal forms. The data is automatically transferred to the responsible administration, which can input the relevant data into their specialized procedures. According to the checks during data collection, the quality of the application data will be significantly increased when compared to the traditional paper delivery. For the administration, this consequently means less rework. In addition, following processing in the specialized procedures, the data is forwarded to a central register of businesses, where is available for information. Secure and legally compliant data management is thereby ensured without saying. Some details can be found in the presentation from the final Workshop in Berlin.

The eGovernment Association in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, supported by different partners in a complementary project but also by egoprise partners, contributed to these improvements. It is available as a test version on the webpage of the eGovernment association M-V and will be further maintained after project end. Real operation is expected to start in January 2014. In order to prepare roll-out, news have been regularly published to all member administrations of the eGovernment association M-V. The service was presented at the “Tag der Kommunen” in September 2012. To further promote the services a flyer (DE) was developed and shared among participants. There are already six administrations that have confirmed to implement the system. In addition, all member administrations of the eGovernment association M-V (currently 94 members) may make use of the service. Moreover, the country of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern has expressed interest in using the application wizard. For this purpose, the system will be further developed.