Guidelines to establish & manage Digital Greenhouses in BSR countriesses in Public Administrations towards more business-oriented eGovernment in BSR countries

Public administrations and authorities are put under an ever increasing pressure to perform more, better and faster services, and at lower costs. Private companies pressure public administrations for a speedier decision process and speedier action in for example cases dealing with building permits and environmental authorisation matters. At the same time, public authorities are put under pressure to cut costs and staff. Public administration employees are increasingly pressed for time.Therefore it is not only good common sense but also absolutely essential to integrate digitalization
and increased self-service possibilities in public administration.It was with these thoughts as a starting point that the Danish work with the digital greenhouses started.

In Denmark, the aim of the egoprise Digital Greenhouses was to create a digital platform for entrepreneurs and companies, with easy access to relevant information and digital services in relevant areas, the idea behind the concept being that easy access to information and services leads to faster results, and, in the end, also faster growth for companies.

In Narva, Estonia, the purpose has been to provide local SMEs and potential investors with the most important information about Narva and its business climate, as well as prospects for business development. It is meant to serve as a “one window” service for entrepreneurs to get information on business opportunities and the direct e-link to public services offered by Narva municipality and some other public e-services.

In Finland, the establishment of the digital greenhouse has been combined with a new information infrastructure which improves and facilitates the employment process of foreign work force for SME’s in the Seinäjoki Region because this has been seen as an important element in enhancing entrepreneurship in the region.

In Germany, especially in the area of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, a digital platform which allows using administrative services from home does already exist. Especially citizens can acquire the most important information, such as the regulatory processes, the responsible authority or legal bases.The section for SMEs and potential investors is however less developed. This encouraged the German egoprise partners to enhance the portal also towards a business-oriented service portal.

The Guidelines can be downloaded here!