Digital Greenhouse Syddjurs

The Syddjurs digital greenhouse is not a separate portal but integrated into the Syddjurs municipal homepage at the business service section of the homepage- called “Erhverv” (meaning “Business”) and is available via the following link

Egoprise has contributed to the revised section of the homepage by co-funding the end user analysis, the subsequent focus group meetings which helped to define end user needs, and, to a much smaller extent, to the actual development and subsequent implementation of the homepage. In section "erhvervspolitik/ EU samarbete" (entreprises/EU cooperation) the Municipality makes aware of egoprise and its support to successful implementation of the digital greenhouse in Syddjurs.

The design of the “Erhverv” default page has been changed completely as a result of the end user needs analysis. It has been simplified to large extend. As a consequence  it only shows topics that are rated as the most used topics among end users. In former times this section’s default page contained many more sub topics. Today, the sub topics have been moved from the default page to the relevant sub pages. All in all, the new version is clearer and easier to use.

SMEs get easier and faster access to the relevant information. The SME end users wanted a simplification of the homepage and direct links to relevant reporting materials. Therefore, Syddjurs removed their own interface linking citizens/companies to other authorities and replaced these with direct links. An example of this is the red square on the Erhverv default page with 3 links in the bottom part of it: Nem ID,, and These are 3 national portals for all relevant reporting for SMEs.

Another feature which has been changed as a consequence of the end user analysis is easier access to a relevant case worker. The municipality worked with the “kviksvar” (“Quick reply”) notion and the hotline notion. Due to this the “Erhverv” default page, offer this feature as well. This feature is essential if SMEs do not find information on website they are looking for. It allows that citizen/SME gets immediate access to a person, who can assist them. If respective contact at at the “Erhverv” department cannot reply himself, he/she makes sure that the citizen/SME is connected to a case worker who can. 

In the left hand menu of the “Erhverv” page, there is the headline “udvikling af virksomhed” (“business development”). In this page, there is a collection of links that can be used in connection with business development as well as starting up a business. According to the needs defined by end users a common event calendar is available here. Syddjurs added a link to Væksthus Midtjylland (Central Denmark digital greenhouse)- this ensures that visitors get an overview on events on local but also on regional level  (Business Region Aarhus).