Digital Greenhouse Norddjurs

The Norddjurs digital greenhouse has been developed as a separate portal which is  linked up to the Norddjurs Municipal homepage section for business service. However, considering the end user feedback, the Norddjurs Digital Greenhouse will be incorporated Business Service Section of the Norddjurs Municipal homepage in the short to medium term. 

When developing the digital greenhouse, Norddjurs decided not to put its own interface in between the links and the homepage, but just link directly to the relevant services. The features in this section answer the end-user requirements of easy and fast access to relevant information.

Ideas gathered by focus group meetings carried in the context of egoprise made a major contribution to the development  of the digital greenhouse in Norddjurs. The dialogue organised for businesses und the municipality aimed to support the municipality in adjusting their services more to needs of businesses.  The establishment of the portal is an important step towards in the right direction.

Following the link the user gets to the front page of the Norddjurs digital greenhouse. The Danish words “start” and “vækst” mean start and growth, and reflect the intention of the greenhouse to render services to already established companies as well as to start-ups.

The greenhouse covers the following sections ranging in topics:

  • Services particular addressed to entrepreneurs (“Iværksætter”/“start-up” or “entrepreneur”)
  • Services for businesses already existing  (“Virksomhed” /“company”).
  • The event calender comprises events in the Municipality of Norddjurs, but will be extended/linked up soon with the Central Denmark Digital Greenhouse event calendar
  • the reporting services of the Danish public authorities -Skat (taxation),, and (“nyttige links”/“useful links”)  
  • digital meeting place for companies wanting to get a reply to a specific problem or challenge (“spørg eksperten”/ "ask the expert”).

A slide show presented at the bottom of the starting page (Aktuelt/ Current") attracts the visitor for current issues. One of the provided slides is about Egoprise and leads to sub page where general information on Egoprise, partnership, project focus and intentions of Danish partners to take part is provided.