Digital Greenhouse Narva

The business portal was originally created by the Narva City Government in 2004. To comply with new political and economic realities after the accession of Estonia to European Union, Narva Municipality decided to modernize its portal within the framework of the Egoprise project. 

The idea behind the portal is to present Narva business environment to investors and entrepreneurs, to introduce the opportunities available in the city to make business more successful and to promote an online interaction with the local authorities to solve practical issues.

The portal still aims to attract investors to Narva. However, apart from that more information for Narva entrepreneurs is available now. The portal focuses on electronic services and two-way communication between investors/entrepreneurs and public administration staff. The provision of e-services helps to ease bureaucracy and red tape. Consequently, companies will have more time for business development and effective decisions.

The structure of the portal has been extended and became more user-friendly. The main changes in the portal are as follows:

  • Safe and convenient business registration to business register and catalogue is given via ID card. Business registration form is provided in three languages. Possibility to fill out documents online for later supply to departments and Funds of City government.
  • More effective feedback between entrepreneur and municipal servant via companies’ portal account and announced e-mail. Direct automatic circulation of information to companies registered at the portal. 
  • Stepwise road map for obtaining building permits and for employment of foreign labour is provided. Via interactive maps user are guided through both processes.
  • Catalog of proposals (services and products, land and real estate market, labour market) allowing any company registered to the portal to place its advertisement.
  • Municipal system on support of entrepreurship. User find here information on benefits, co-financing, support schemes, etc. Documents can be whether downloaded or can be filled online. 

The updated portal provides information in three languages: Estonian, Russian and English. 

For more information please see the flyer.