Digital Greenhouse Latvia

The webpage of the Latvian Chamber of Commerce has been successfully upgraded to a digital greenhouse, which contains of six additional new main features:

1. E-business cooperation platform for virtual SMEs networking

2. Calendar with relevant business events for start-ups/established SMEs (start page)

3. An open vacancies sections for LV

4. A platform to offer free traineeships

5. Promotion platform for SMEs to market themselves

6. FAQ section as a knowledge repository

The portal is currently available in Latvian, but will be extended to Russian & English, too.

In addition to the implementation work, a guideline on the establishment and management of digital greenhouses has been compiled. Contrary to original plans, it was decided to prepare one compilation in which the experiences from all pilot regions are integrated. 

The final document can be downloaded here. Parts of the guidelines were integrated as separate chapter of the egoprise handbook. Thereby a wider dissemination is secured.

The daily number of user of the old webpage raised between 2009 to 2013 from 4000-5000 to 10 000. This positive trend is much related to better services for SMEs. Tatjana Titareva, representative of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry and involved contact person for egoprise, expects that the number of visitors will increase significantly the coming months as a result of site upgrade to a digital greenhouse. "This is also a sign that companies become more and more aware of improved services the chamber offers."- she says happy.