Digital Greenhouse Favrskov

The Favrskov digital greenhouse is not a separate portal but integrated in the Favrskov municipal homepage as the business service section of the homepage. 

From the municipalities' homepage  visitors get access to digital greenhouse via Erhverv/Business service section.  

The egoprise project has contributed to the revised section of the homepage by co-funding the end user analysis, the subsequent focus group meetings which helped to define end user needs, and, to a much smaller extent, to the actual development and subsequent implementation of the homepage. Moreover, egoprise has co-financed the development of the Favrskov digital purchasing manual. (to see how the municipality benefits from the participation in egoprise, please click here). It should be also mentioned that egoprise supported the work of Favrskov as a service point for "Welcome to East Jutland" portal.

The entire design of the “Erhverv” default page has been changed as a result of the end user needs analysis. The website structure has been simplified, that only topics most used by end users appear. In this regard the following services should be highlighted:

  • a hotline service to assist end users in digital reporting process (”Hjælp til online selvbetjening?/ “Do you need help for the Favrskov self service facilities (digital reporting)? )
  • section “Skemaer til gebyrfritagelse”/ “Forms for exemption from fees (e.g. exemption from extra waste removal fees (if relevant) or other kinds of extra fees.
  • section “Nyttige links”/ “Useful links" (links to Danish national reporting portals- first part, digital purchasing manual- second part)
  • news relevant for SMEs in the municipality ( “Nyheder”/“News”)
  • Vacant jobs